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Olight Diffuser for T-Series Flashlights

Olight Beam Diffuser for T-Series (T10 T15 T20 T25) and Infinitum LED Flashlights

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The Olight Beam Diffuser converts the focused high-output beam of an Olight flashlight to a soft, diffused, wide-angle beam for close-up applications. Also popular for low light applications. Olight Diffusers use a high quality TPU body construction which offers flexibility, durability, chemical and abrasion resistance. The lense of the Olight diffusers are made of ground and frosted glass. A lanyard loop offers convenience. The lenses can also be used on the tailcap of all T series lights to make a stable base to stand the light up like a candle - excellent for camping!

Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Manufacture China
UPC / EAN 6950723803010
Product Brand Olight
Accessory Type Diffuser
Product Length (Inches) No
Product Width (Inches) No
Product Height (Inches) No
Product Diameter (Inches) No
Product Head Diameter (Inches) No
Product Body Diameter (Inches) No
Interior Length (Inches) No
Interior Width (Inches) No
Interior Height (Inches) No
Primary Color No
Packaging Boxed
Shipping Weight (Pounds) 0.02
Dimension Length 1.5
Dimension Width 1.5
Dimension Height 1.25