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West Mountain CBA III PRO Extended Software

West Mountain Radio Computer Battery Analyzer (CBA) III PRO Software Upgrade KEY (58252-1182)

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West Mountain Radio



This CBA software is easy and intuitive to use. It provides automatic sensing of the battery cell count and recommends a safe maximum discharge current and minimum safe cutoff voltage for your batteries. The system of software and hardware is designed to protect both the CBA and the batteries that are tested. This extended software is an upgrade from the standard software. The CBA is much more than a simple battery voltage tester or a battery load tester. Unlike a simple load tester the CBA will test virtually any type or size of battery, any chemistry, any number of cells up to 55 volts. For the first time and for a reasonable price, anyone can do scientific tests of their batteries by letting their computer do all the work. The CBA is capable of higher test rates than other testers: up to 40 amps or 150 watts, whichever is higher. It not only tests the total amount of energy stored in a battery (capacity in amp-hrs), but it graphically displays and charts voltage versus amp-hours.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Manufacture China
MPN 58252-1182
UPC / EAN 0736952861153
Product Brand West Mountain Radio
Accessory Type N/A
Product Length (Inches) 5
Product Width (Inches) 5
Product Height (Inches) .2
Product Diameter (Inches) No
Product Head Diameter (Inches) No
Product Body Diameter (Inches) No
Interior Length (Inches) N/A
Interior Width (Inches) N/A
Interior Height (Inches) N/A
Primary Color No
Packaging No
Shipping Weight (Pounds) 0.0625
Dimension Length 5
Dimension Width 5
Dimension Height 0.2