Olight ZX Pro

UPC/EAN: 697237812877 5
Manufacturer: Olight
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Flashlight Type: Bike, Every Day Carry
Max Output Lumens: 350
Compatible Batteries: Battery Pack
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Blister Pack
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What’s StVZO? (StraßenVerkehrs-Zulassungs-Ordnung abbreviated StVZO) StVZO dictates a collection of rules and regulations for every vehicle allowed on public ways, be it bicycles, cars, or trucks and their corresponding accessories, to be in accordance with German traffic laws. Why StVZO? Current LED technology enables bike lights to put out an unbelievable amount of light. A cyclist with a powerful light can easily blind oncoming traffic and significantly raise the likelihood of accidents for all traffic participants. The LEDs themselves are not the issue but the reflectors or lenses. Think of the high/low beams for your car’s headlight. Unlike cars, bikes are not subjected to regulations for beam patterns in most countries, so most cyclists are happily sporting super high powered LED lights permanently “stuck” on high beams. I am sure you see the problem. This is where the German StVZO regulation comes into play. Lighting your way with proper road etiquette The ZX PRO is 100% compliant with German road traffic regulations StVZO. Powered by a super power-efficient OSRAM LED, with a max verified output of 350 lumens/100 lux. The flood beam spreads evenly with no hot spots. The running is always maintained at optimal levels with its smart internal thermal management system. The max can be sustained throughout. Every aspect of the ZX PRO is engineered specifically for daily road cycling and daily commuting. The very compact light body sports a stylish one-piece aluminum shell with IPX6 waterproof rating. The customized Li-ion battery takes up most of the 111g body weight. The highest brightness mode can be powered for 1.16 hours, and almost 4.5 hours on lower powered steady mode. The Type-C quick charge allows for a full recharge in approx. 2.5 hours. The simple mode switching with a single click of the power button, which also acts as a remaining battery indicator. The ZX PRO attaches to your handlebar via the Garmin quarter turn style mechanism, universally compatible with a huge variety of devices, helmets, and head mounts. When darkness comes, ride with it