Rayovac Car USB Power Charger

UPC/EAN: 012800520695
Manufacturer: Rayovac
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The Rayovac Car USB Power Charger is compatible with most USB cables, including Apple Lighting, Apple 30-pin, Micro USB, and Mini USB cables. It charges devices 4x fast than a standard 2.5W charger. It features dual USB ports to charge two devices at maximum speed, including tablets. For non-Apple devices, you can get a combined maximum output of 3.4A. If you™re using one port, you can get 3.4A out of it. If you™re using both ports, the two devices will fight for the 3.4A and it will be shared. For Apple devices, it acts like it is not shared power: one port gives 2.4A. The other port gives 1.0A. You can use both ports at the same time and get 2.4A out of one and 1.0A out of the other.