Striker Tri-Mobile USB-C Rechargeable LED Area Light

SKU: STKR-12681
MPN: 12681
UPC/EAN: 850026126815
Manufacturer: STKR
Battery Size:
Flashlight Type: Area
Max Output Lumens: 2000
Compatible Batteries: Battery Pack
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STKR Concepts is no slouch when it comes to innovative lighting, and they continue to impress with their new TRi-Mobile Area Work Light. This new mobile light has a structural design unlike any other, and it is that exact unique structure that gives the TRi-Mobile the ability to change shape and provide endless lighting solutions.

The TRi-Mobiles™ key design feature is its 3 individual LED panels. Each of these panels nestles into the body, nicely protected when in storage, but put this light to work and watch the LED panels convert into lighting workhorses. The three panels are fitted with dual pivoting mounts which allow them to rotate and pivot in all directions, completely independent of one another. They can be rotated to create a 360° lantern or positioned to project light in nearly any array. Face the three LED panels straight down and the Tri-Mobile quickly fills a room, workshop, campsite, or tent. Face all three panels in one direction to light a scene or fold the panels down to fill an entire area when in lantern position.

Set up and positioning of the TRi-Mobile is easy in any space. This light is equipped with many hands-free options including magnets, a hang hook, and a tripod mount. The three neodymium magnets embedded in the base allow the user to mount the light to any steel surface and then easily position each LED panel. Great for mechanics, HVAC, and industrial environments. The hang hook nested in the base is fitted with a ball joint, perfect for hanging and rotating the light into the exact position necessary. Screw the Tri-Mobile onto the available STKR tripod and you can elevate the light in any room or outdoor space. The available STKR tripod is sturdy and durable. It lifts the Tri-Mobile over 4 feet in the air and collapses in seconds.

In addition to its directional versatility, the TRi-Mobile also boasts an impressive amount of light. An astounding 2000 True Lumens to be exact. These lumen levels are not typical for battery powered lights, but the Tri-Mobile is able to pull off this feat via 4000 mAh dual lithium-ion batteries combined with the highest quality SMD LEDs. If less light is needed, the user can select between 3 power modes to lower the brightness and preserve battery power. Users can even select between the color of the LED light. There are 2 color modes, 5400K mode and 4000k mode. 5400K is a nice bright white color that is perfect for clarity when working on projects. The 4000k mode is a softer white light that is easier on the eyes. This mode can often be better in less technical situations, such as in a living space or enjoying a relaxing outdoor environment.

Use the Tri-Mobile when working around the house, shop, or garage. Pack it for an upcoming camping or RV trip and let it light up large outdoor spaces. A good light is always necessary, and the TRi-Mobile is exactly what everyone needs. Powerful and durable enough to handle rugged environments, and versatile enough to fulfill all potential area lighting needs.