Wagan Brite-Nite Duo USB Rechargeable LED Lantern

MPN: 4305
UPC/EAN: 084367043054
Manufacturer: Wagan
Battery Size:
Flashlight Type: Lanterns
Max Output Lumens: 260
Compatible Batteries: Battery Pack
Product Category:
Country of Manufacture:
Primary Color:
Output Modes:
Dual Flood / Spot
Product Length (inches):
Product Width (inches):
Product Height (Inches):
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You asked for it and here it is; introducing our Dome USB Lantern V2 known as the "DUO USB Lantern". Our new light encompasses all of the great features of the original Dome USB Lantern with the addition of a spot flashlight and dimming functions!

Our DUO will certainly light up your life. Utilizing a rechargeable LiPo battery, it is ideal for camping, hiking, emergencies, power outages, and other night-time activities.

With the powerful magnets, folding hanging hooks, rubber anti-slip feet, multiple lighting modes, and multi-function design, the DUO USB Lantern will make your next adventure conveniently bright.

As a Lantern
The Brite-Nite Dome USB Lantern is an exceptional area light. Hanging from a tree or rope, on the picnic table, in the tent, under the hood of your car, or hanging from a backpack, the DUO is a multi-function lantern that provides brilliant wide-area illumination where you need it.

With a solid 120° flood pattern and frosted lens, the DUO shines out... easily illuminating your campsite or work space. With the addition of a dimming feature, finding the "perfect amount of light" is easier than ever!

As a Flashlight
Producing 170 lumens on high, the DUO is an great pathway light for seeing the trail ahead of you. Dimmable down to 10 lumens, you can use the spotlight for close-up work too!

How to Use
1- Press the power button once to activate the battery charge LEDs and the USB charging output port
2- To turn the Spotlight on in high mode, simply press the power button once more
3- Press the button again to turn on the lantern (spotlight will stay on too)
4- Press a fourth time for the lantern only mode
5- Press again to turn DUO off

To use the dimming function:
In any lighting mode, simply press and hold the power button to dim - release at any point when your desired light level is reached.

Recharging the DUO & Your USB Powered Devices
The DUO has a rechargeable internal battery that can be charged from nearly any USB power port:

  • Computer
  • USB Power Port
  • Phone Charger
  • Solar Panel
  • or other USB power supply

In addition to easily recharging the DUO, you can charge your USB powered devices from the DUO. 

  • Smartphone
  • GPS
  • Wearable device (Watch)
  • Headphones
  • or Power a USB appliance (like a USB Fan)

When to Use
Simply use the DUO any time you need light! Whether you are doing work around the house, camping, hiking, or for emergencies on and off of the road, the DUO will deliver the light you need no matter where you are!

The uses for the DUO are only limited by your imagination: night time games, pathway lights, marker light, worklight, area light, under the hood light, emergency light, and a safe alternative to traditional fuel lanterns, the DUO is destined to be your best outdoor light!

Quick List of Features

  • Dimmable Floodlight and Spotlight
  • Rechargeable Power Bank
  • Charging Cable Built-in
  • Hanging Hooks & Magnetic Base
  • LED Lighting